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Frequently asked questions

What GLOBAL STOCKS as company do?

Company GLOBAL STOCKS is specialising in the B2B wholesale in different sectors. And yes we sell ONLY wholesale. We supply everything from: clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, food, furniture, toys, commodity, etc. Please see our catalog which we are updating daily.

Is GLOBAL STOCKS owner of all goods listed ?

No, we are not owners, we cooperate with brand owners, distributors, brokers, agents, etc. by selling their stock lots direct from warehouses.

Are the products listed on GLOBAL STOCKS website original ?

The items 100% original, since we accuiring them directly from the brand owners, their official distributors or in case of companies bankruptcies. All stocks are accompanied with full paperwork.

How much does it cost to see offers from GLOBAL STOCKS ?

All our company offers available on our website free of charge, so you can check them in catalog.

In which countries GLOBAL STOCKS operating ?

We sell and ship worldwide so contact us, tell us what you interested in and we can discuss how we can help.

How can I buy from GLOBAL STOCKS website ?

You need to check our catalog and find offer you are interested in buying, if price and quantity in stock suites you, you will have to confirm it using contact form under stock offer on website, just fill it with price, quantity and your company full details for confirmation. But if you by chance will get lost do not hesitate to contact us

Do prices on the GLOBAL STOCKS website include VAT ?

No, all prices on our website export prices and are without VAT.

Are prices on GLOBAL STOCKS fixed and final ?

No, we believe there is always room for dialog and we always can negotiate price

Are prices on GLOBAL STOCKS website per pcs. or per kg. ?

It depended from stock to stock, some offers we sell per pcs. and some of them per kg. all this information always mentioned in each stock offer.

Is quantity of stock on GLOBAL STOCKS is take all only ?

No we can discuss quantity, if quantity in stock is too big for you, but having said that we are doing B2B and do not sell small quantity like 10 or 20 or 100 pcs.

How you will delivery cargo to me ?

We usually sell EXW or FOB, after stock is payed. You can pick up stock with your forwarder ( we will provide all cargo details ) or we can support and arrange delivery to the country you need.

How much delivery cost ?

The cost of delivery depends on the weight and volume of the package, the destination country and pick up place.

How fast can I get my order ?

Well it depends from pick up place and shipping country, but more precise information will be available as soon as transport company pick up cargo from the warehouse.

How can I pay for my order ?

Payments will be done according to invoice issued by GLOBAL STOCKS, bank to bank transfer.

Do GLOBAL STOCKS accept PayPal payment or anything other similar ?

Unfortunately no, we are not accepting this type of payment, only Bank to Bank transfer according based on issued invoice.

What is GLOBAL STOCKS Bank details ?

For our customers convenience we have several bank accounts available in different currencies:
  • For payments in USD for USA based customers - Community Federal Savings Bank, ACH Routing Number: 026073150
  • For payments in USD for non-USA based customers - CITIBANK N.A. Hong Kong Branch, SWIFT: CITIHKHX
  • For payments in GBP for UK based customers - ClearBank, Sort code: 040521
  • For payments in GBP for non-UK based customers - CITIBANK N.A. Hong Kong Branch, SWIFT: CITIHKHX
  • For payments in EUR - PaySera Bank, SWIFT code: EVIULT2VXXX
  • For payments in EUR, USD, GBP - Banco Santander Spain, SWIFT code: BSCHESMM
  • For international payments in AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, SGD, USD, ZAR - CITIBANK N.A. Hong Kong Branch, SWIFT: CITIHKHX

Can i sell my items on GLOBAL STOCKS website ?

Yes, you can see this information about partnership here.

Can we do business together in my country?

Yes, we can offer Franchise to You become GLOBAL STOCKS in your country, you can see available domains where we already offer here. But if your country if not on a list we are open for any other world markets, just contact us via email.

Check this offer!

44714 - Military food ration Europe

Military food ration Europe

Item number: 44714
Military Food Ration
Size: 1860gr
Quantity: Unlimited
Quantity per 40" container: 14 553 units
Shelf Life: 18 months

10.10 €
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52730 - Minerva Cycling Europe

Minerva Cycling Europe

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Manufactor : Minerva Cycling NV
28 E-bike Minerva Estrel C-motor Acera mat grijs D 49
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715.00 €
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