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Global Stocks is looking forward to welcome you into our partnership program! Now we are looking for business partners worldwide. We are offering our platform and customer network to take Your business to new heights.

We are offering:

Thousands of visitors daily from around the world
Over 100 new offers daily
Websites network in different countries all over the world
Flexible cooperation for customers, suppliers and country representatives

We are looking:

Rather than looking for pure deal partners, we are interested in building long term relationship
People who is ambitious and driven, and who has the vision and desire to succeed world wide
People ready to make a commitment to grow with Global Stocks company
People with previous franchise experience is advantageous

How can I start?

Global Stocks offers 4 cooperation models from start. But of course it is nogotiable to adopt even more. So here is what we can do right away:

If you are interested in buying stock just visit us on regular bases or subscribe to new stock offers newsletter to be among people who knows first about new arrivals and it is free of charge.

For brand owners and official distributors we are offering free of charge possibility to publish your stock offers on our web site, just get in touch to start cooperation.

In case you are respectable seller you can contact us to get seller status for annual fee of 150 €. Which is in our opinon no so much to publish unlimeted offers and making them wisible to large partner network with thousands of unique visitors daily from around the glob enabling new business opportunities. And please bear in mind if offer is published it will be sent out in our newsletter making it visible to our subscribers as well.

If you are willing to become regional partner reach out! You will get access to modern website offering tools to localize it to your language and become a truly Global Stocks regional representative. We are looking for partners in any other world countries.

Is there more ?

Yes! Also we can offer you, your stock Advertising on our Top pages, where it will be always on customer eyes or in the Column : CHECK THIS OFFER - cost 50 EUR per month.
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Check this offer!

55556 - COSMETICS: Gemey-Maybeline, Rimmel, L'Oréal Europe

COSMETICS: Gemey-Maybeline, Rimmel, L'Oréal ...

Item number: 55556
Gemey- Maybeline, Rimmel, L’Oréal
40% nail polish (GEMEY-MAYBELINE brand)
20% face makeup (RIMMEL brand)
20% pencils ...
0.50 €
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Recent stocks

57293 - ASMOKE AS350 Portable Pellet Grill & Smoker USA

ASMOKE AS350 Portable Pellet Grill & Smoker USA

Item number: 57293
ASMOKE AS350 Portable Pellet Grill & Smoker
Total: 2 800 units
Red 1 000 units
Blue 1 000 ...
93.90 $
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